About Us

We believe in changing Lives and moving society forward. City Drive share enables ordinary people from the public to list their cars which are then hired out to potential customers. Vehicle owners get to make passive income on their cars and the customer gets to be spoiled for choice.

Listing your car is simple and straight forward. List your car by downloading the mobile app from Google or play store. Alternatively list it on any device with internet connectivity by visiting our website.

Sharing our vehicles by hiring them out in this manner we believe will help tackle challenges of car over population, traffic jams, reduce pollution and create more parking space


World Car population is estimated currently at 1Billion and counting. When you share your vehicle on City Drive Share we take 2-3cars off the road.

Approximately 10hours are wasted by an idle car per day.In a year that's 3650 hours gone and wasted. City Drive Share provides you a platform to turn idle hours in to cash. Hence fostering economic development.

Have a Car?? List it. Earn Money and make a difference.