Vehicle Owner FAQS Section
City Drive Share is an online car rental marketplace. The platform allows you to create an account and list your vehicle which is then hired out to customers.
City Drive Share marketing experts will do that for you. The only thing you need to do is list your vehicle.
You need to have internet connectivity to create and list account. Listing is simple, straightforward and free. You can do it on your Mobile smartphone, IPAD or desktop computer. Click List your vehicle. Fill in your Full names, Phone number and email address and create a password. You will then receive a confirmation code on your mobile phone (make sure you are with your mobile phone when creating the account).Use this confirmation code and enter it on the confirmation field. Once you enter this code your account would have been created..
Once you have created your account you will be brought to the terms and conditions page. Read through this terms and click accept(You will not be allowed to proceed until you click accept). Once terms are accepted you will then be directed to the homepage of your account or your portal. To start listing click “ADD VEHICLE” and follow through the steps. The first step is to fill in and submit details about your car. The last step is to upload a picture of your vehicle. Make sure your picture is in landscape as portrait pictures are not allowed.
Once you have listed your vehicle and uploaded a good photo of the car you then need to bring your car to City Drive Share offices for physical inspection or our team can follow you where you are to perform the physical inspection. Your vehicle will only be activated on the platform once its been inspected and meets all required standards.
For you to access the fees schedule due to you on your vehicle you need to create an account first. Once this is done then you can access and view the fees..
City Drive Share will make all payments accrued to vehicle owners in full after end of hire. Hires within 7 days are paid within 7 days after end of hire. Hires beyond 7 days and more are paid within 14 days after end of hire.
We screen every renting customer to ensure that your car is safe. Every customer renting a vehicle needs to meet specific criteria/requirements and provide specific documents. If found ineligible they wont get the car.
City Drive Share will provide comprehensive commercial insurance cover on your vehicle during the period of hire. Should your vehicle be involved in an accident during the period of hire then City Drive Share will use its insurance to repair it.This insurance only applies during the period of hire. All vehicle owners are required to maintain insurance on their vehicle separately outside City Drive Share hires.
Once you have created an account you can list as many vehicles as possible..
Once a customer’s chooses and books your vehicle the City Drive Share team will get in touch with you to arrange for the vehicle pick up. They will let you know the days of hire, destination, start date and end date and total income due to you. Once you confirm availability of your vehicle the booking on the vehicle will be complete. Note; City Drive Share reserves the right to transfer booking to another vehicle owner if you do not respond on time!
The vehicle owners is responsible for ensuring that their vehicle is well maintained and in good condition. The road tax, fitness and all relevant documents should be up to date. The vehicle owner should ensure that the vehicle is road worthy. Note; City Drive Share reserves the right to decline vehicles which are poorly maintained, lacking documentation and are not road worthy..
Customers FAQs Section
City Drive Share gives you access to a wide range of vehicles all from the community all you need to do is choose.. We ensure that only the best cars in great condition are listed on the platform. Once a car Is listed our team physically inspects it to ensure that it meets all requirements and our standards. Like this we ensure that you only hire and drive cars in the best condition. .
All hires on all vehicles come with comprehensive insurance. Should the vehicle be involved in an accident during hire you will be required to pay only 10% excess of damage costs!
City Drive Share provides 24/7 road side assistance. Should there be a breakdown our rescue team will come your way to assist you. If it’s a small problem that can be sorted out at the scene of breakdown then it will be fixed there and then. If it’s a bigger problem then we will swap and give you a similar car.
City Drive Share is an e-commerce site enabling you to book and pay for a vehicle right on the site itself. You can book using your mobile phone, desktop computer or IPAD. To book a vehicle view through our large collection of vehicles. Choose the one you are interested in and click “BOOK NOW”. Alternatively you can fill in the booking form on the homepage Follow through the steps and enter all personal details and details of the hire itself. You can then request for a quote and invoice. Once satisfied with the quote you then proceed to secure the booking by making either a 50% or 100% down payment of the invoice. Once you make payment you will then be emailed a reservation confirmation letter to confirm the booking. We also take phone and email bookings/enquiries. Just tell us which car you are interested in and we will finalize the booking
You can use both credit and debit card(VISA,MASTERCARD) as well as mobile money. Soon we will be introducing. Bank transfer and cash payments. ?
Yes you can.A cancelation fee of 50% of the invoice total will apply .
All fuel costs are born by the client. The vehicle will be given with a full tank and should be returned with a full tank.
Yes you can but a one way rental fee to bring back the car to Lusaka will apply.
Yes that’s possible. If the car costs more than the one initially booked then you will be required to pay the difference. If the car costs less than the one initially booked then a cancelation fee will apply on the first car with any resulting difference being refunded to you.
The vehicle can be picked up from our office or delivered at your point of choice. Delivery charges may apply in the event of a delivery. The same applies with Drop off/Returns.