Terms For Vehicle Owners

When you list your vehicle for hiring out on City Drive Share the following terms and condition will apply. 

1. The Vehicle owner shall ensure that the vehicle complies with all traffic regulations. The road tax, fitness and all other legal documents should be up to date and complete.

2. City Drive  shall ONLY provide comprehensive insurance to vehicle owners who  have third party insurance on their vehicles.Such insurance will only apply during the duration of the hire. The vehicle owner will maintain insurance which will cover their vehicle outside the hire.Vehicle owners with already existing comprehensive insurance on their vehicles will use their insurance to cover their vehicle once on hire with a City Drive client.Such insurance should be enough to cover risks of damage,write off and theft.

3. City Drive shall ensure that the vehicle remains in good condition during the hire. Any damages due to negligence on the part of the client and the resulting repairs shall be borne by City Drive up to the extent where insurance does not cover such damages.Such negligence will have to be established and resulting costs agreed between all parties before payments are made. Such damages shall not exceed 10% of damage costs with a minimum of K1,000.00

4. The vehicle owner shall be responsible for servicing the vehicle and carrying out any maintenance when required. The vehicle owner shall also keep a record of the service history of the vehicle for future reference purposes. In the event that City Drive spends money to fix the car in order to facilitate a hire, then all amounts expensed shall be deducted from the monies due to the Vehicle Owner.

5. The rate applicable will be as per City Drives stipulated vehicle group rates.

6.City Drive shall make 50% upfront payment to the vehicle owner for short-term hires .This will be done as soon as the vehicle is picked up by the City Drive client once the hire begins. Short-term hires are all those cash hires which City Drive receives payment upfront. Any other hire including insurance hires and long-term hires of above 7 days including 30 days hires where City Drive does not receive cash upfront, City Drive shall settle to the vehicle owner within 14working days after the end of the hire.The 50% balance on short-term hires shall be settled within 7 working days after end of hire. Payments to the vehicle owner shall be made via bank transfer ,cash or cheque where applicable and depending on the amount.

7.The vehicle Owner shall provide the vehicle with fuel as and when required unless where it’s expressly agreed between the two parties.Should City Drive put fuel in the vehicle owners vehicle to facilitate the hire then the fuel shall be deducted from the total amounts due to the vehicle owner. Upon returning the vehicle, City Drive shall ensure that its returned with the same amount of fuel as at the time of pick up .

8. In the event that fuel levels is more than was when collecting the car from the vehicle owner City Drive shall deduct the money equivalent from the total owed to the Vehicle Owner.

9. When a booking is made on a vehicle,staff from City Drive will get in touch with the vehicle owner to finalise the booking and ensure that,vehicle is availed.The vehicle owner will be advised on the period of the hire,commencement date of hire ,destination,chaffeur or selfdrive and total income due to the vehicle owner .

9.1.Once vehicle availability is confirmed by vehicle owner and the booking on the car is secured by a customer leading up to commencement of hire.The vehicle owner agrees that he/she cannot retrieve/request back the vehicle whilst in the middle of a hire before the hire ends

9.2.At times clients will extend hires beyond the initial agreed hire days.In this case the vehicle owner will be informed in advance atleast a day before.However City Drive reserves the right to inform the vehicle owner at short notice should the client communicate the extension at short notice for whatever reason.In this case the vehicle owner agrees that he/she cannot retrieve/request back the vehicle until the extended hire period is over.

10.Upon accepting the booking the vehicle owner will then avail there vehicle to a City Drive representative and thereafter handed over to the client for the hire to commence.Counting of hire days will only start on the day the vehicle is handed over to the client or when the client collects the vehicle.This means that counting of days cannot start when the vehicle owner simply hands over the vehicle to City Drive.

11. At times to facilitate the hire City Drive may provide the vehicle to a client a day before usually late afternoon in order for the clients to start off early in the morning the following day.In this case counting of the hire days will start the following day.

12. For the purposes of marketing and promotions City Drive may provide car rental at rates lower than the usual market rates. In this case the vehicle owner will be notified of these rates and should they agree to them then any bookings on their vehicle shall be deemed fully confirmed.

13. Logistical costs.The vehicle owner can choose to be parking their vehicle at our office in our custody and hence save on logistical costs and time of bringing over the vehicle to our office when booked.If the Vehicle owners opts to keep the vehicle He/She agrees to bear logistical costs of returning the vehicle back to him after end of hire. City Drive will bear the cost of vehicle Pick up.The logistical costs which will cover mostly fuel will not exceed K100.00 in any event.Further the Vehicle owner can avoid this logistical cost by picking up the vehicle from our office themselves.